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Archive for March 2018

From A Newbie To A 2 Year Old: Reflections On Being Self-Employed

Here is one of my newest articles for Aura Creative. I talk about what I’ve learned in the just over two years I’ve been in business:

I’ve just finished my third Spring Fair, which marks two official years of business. How??? All trade shows are a good opportunity to reflect on what’s working for you and what isn’t; take stock; be inspired; catch up with friends and remind yourself you aren’t the only person in the world trying to do this; get re-motivated if the fire in your belly has dwindled after months of solitary studio time. But Spring Fair is especially reflective. It’s long and huge and my business birthday. Here are some rambling, honest thoughts and observations after two-ish years of Louise Mulgrew Designs.

1. You can’t be new and different forever. Some friends have recently started their own card publishing business and their cards are EXCELLENT. They launched at Spring Fair, exactly two years after me and I knew they’d just kill it. I’ll admit I felt a twinge or jealousy for a moment. I’m only two years in and many moons off being “established”, but I’m also not quite the “new, fresh, different” that I was before. Most people in the world still haven’t seen our cards, but there are many more “ooh I’ve seen these somewhere” comments than there used to be. That’s so brilliant! But it just represents a subtle shift that I’m finding hard to explain: we’re just beginning to mature from newborn cardie babies to toddler terrible-two-hood and it’s a bit sad and a bit amazing.

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