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Archive for August 2018

Our newest Wilderness range

It seems I’ve taken an extremely long sabbatical from posting on here and I really quite miss a bit of copywriting amidst the painting, angsting and general business-tumult!  What has felt like one deadline after another for the entire year has suddenly levelled out into a moment of comparable calm (on the design front anyway).  So I thought I’d talk a bit about my inspiration for our newest range WILDERNESS.

Wilderness is something a little different for Louise Mulgrew Designs.  I’ve enjoyed painting landscapes for years, but our cards have been very animal focussed up until now as I’ve been reluctant to shoe-horn this landscapey-style of painting (that I do for the love of it) into a commercial range of cards.  I was first inspired to paint a landscape (actually a cityscape) in my third year of uni, on an A1 piece of paper masking-taped to my uni-room wall.  I’ve delved deep into the archives for a photo of this calamitous disaster and a couple of similar efforts around that time haha: see below.

They did start to get a bit better over time but I think things really started to become comfortable once I kept up practising in my sketchbook when I found myself in a beautiful place.

Since getting back from New Zealand, where I felt I really refined my reportage style (see NZ post below for images), I decided the time was ripe for a wanderlust-y card range, which we launched this summer.  There are only 8 designs in the collection so far but I have lots of thoughts for new designs and think this will just be a range that grows as and when I’m inspired.

My favourite designs so far are the most personal.  The ‘Adventure Awaits’ camper van design, which was a New Zealand scene and my own dream lifestyle, the ‘Happy Retirement’ card, which is my favourite place on the planet, the view of the downs from our rainbow hammock, the lighthouse ‘thinking of you’, which just makes me feel peaceful and is how I imagine the lighthouse from the book ‘The Light Between Oceans’ to look, and finally the ‘Bon Voyage’ pile of vintage suitcases, which my boyfriend has many of in his music studio.

I’ve been blown away by the response to this style (maybe everyone’s just very relieved to have a break from my animals :o) and am excited to develop a range of prints from the collection as well!