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Article 2 for Aura Creative Media – Trade Shows For Beginners

Why exhibit at trade shows?

Trade shows are a brilliant way to launch or to begin to grow the wholesale side of your business. They are the perfect opportunity to meet other publishers as well as potential customers and are an authentic environment in which to sell your brand (if, like me, you are not a natural salesperson or a hard-seller.) And, as you become a regular exhibitor, you are validating your brand for the buyers who like to see you a few times before they commit to a purchase.

As a designer, trade shows are also great for providing you with a deadline to work towards. Being my own boss, I don’t have anyone telling me what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. I find myself procrastinating over designing, burying my head in the sand to all the work that needs doing and just generally lacking structure and focus. So I always like to launch a new range or a number of new designs at each show to give my design-time a bit of structure and to make sure I never go too long without producing new work, which can be really challenging when you’re juggling emails, accounts, sales, fulfilment and a million other adminy stresses that come with a business.

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