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I am really excited to have been chosen as an Ambassador for my web designer Aura Creative Media alongside my lovely friend Jess Hogarth. Jess is a few years further along in her creative business and was a massive inspiration to me when I was cobbling together my first attempt at a range of cards.

Paul at Aura has been a large part of my two-year journey in the industry and he and Collette have become firm friends of mine. My website has evolved in a few different ways over the last couple of years and each time it’s been a manifestation of big developments and changes in my business.

I’ll be embarking on a little journey of writing monthly articles on various hot topics that I hope might be inspiring or enlightening for anyone thinking of starting up, or is in the early stage of, their own card business. These will be available in full on the Aura Creative website.  I have reservations about my authority in offering any kind of industry advice and I would hate to come across as though I know it all! Actually I’m faced with new challenges and situations most days. These ramblings will just be snippets of my own personal experience of ‘winging it’: sometimes failing, but always learning.

On that note… please visit the Aura Creative Website to read more…


Ohhhhhhh my lordyyyy the most exciting news today!!! I have never ever been a finalist for any sort of award.  Not even close! And stupidly I’m nominated for THREE Henries: Lynn Tait’s Most Promising Young Designer Award, Best Art Range and Best Cute Range for my new Jungle Tumble collection 🙂 and in such good company alongside so many talented artists, designers and beautiful card ranges.

What an exciting Friday.  Can’t wait for the awards ceremony in October!



It’s been a super busy couple of months in the studio since returning from Costa Rica in April.  I have of course made a little map of our trip… cos any excuse for a map illustration.

Costa Rica map

We’ve had two trade shows, PG Live and more recently Harrogate, Home and Gift, we’ve launched our Jungle Tumble range which has been really well received and debuted our new Kaleidoscope Christmas collection, we’ve done our first litho print run of 32000 cards in German, and two more runs since then, we’ve been to visit multiple warehouses and have confirmed our contract with our biggest customer so far, John Lewis!  I even got a generous little mention from the fab JL buyers in PG Magazine, where they referred to me as a ‘rising superstar’… which is a first… probably a last!

PG and Harrogate


jungle tumble

NEW Jungle Tumble and Kaleidoscope Christmas

In amongst the madness I’ve also moved out of my parents house (about time), moved studios, and got a kitten called HUMPHREY!! Well ok my parents have got a kitten but I was still living at home at the time and he is SO COOL.  If you’ve ever watched How to Train your Dragon (if you haven’t you should) Humph is the cat version of Toothless!  And there will be an additional two kittens in my life next Sunday so eyes peeled for that!!


There are a few very exciting collaborations and projects in the pipeline that I think are secret, but we’re beavering away behind the scenes to make them happen!  My new TRADE WEBSITE in due to launch in the next couple of weeks so I’ll be shouting about that nearer the time.  I hope it will make wholesale ordering much easier for my lovely customers, with lots of pretty pictures and additional info about best sellers and such.

spring seasonsxkcjv

A couple of behind the scenes designs

Next up we’ve got TOP DRAWER in London in September where we’ll be launching a new and totally different range that I’m working on at the moment.  Hope everyone is having tonnes of fun and making the most of all the sunshine!

LMD thank you postcard back copy