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Well I just popped myself off to beautiful Croatia on a little island-hopping and beach-bumming adventure with my bestest pal and number one plumpy pudding, Laura, and a few other lovely ladies that I got to know whilst away!  We catamaraned between three islands, Hvar, Korcula and Brac and also tried our hand at captaining a…

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New Stoooodio!

I’ve got myself a coooooooole new stoodio pad and I just flipping love it!!! Not only is it in my favourite city in the world but it is on my favourite street in the world next to my favourite coffee shop… you guessed it…. in the world. No. 19 Bond Street, Brighton is a pretty…

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Hi then! Well done for stumbling across my little corner of the interweb!  Amongst other things I’ve been attempting to get my life organised, and to document that process I thought I’d pop a little blog on my brand new website! I’ll try and keep my waffle concise and put in lots of photos to…

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