Ode to Little Cow

Very sadly and suddenly we lost our little studio cat, Osc, last week.  After 16 years of friendship he was my absolute best pal and a world without this smallest-of-cows seems very gloomy.


He was one of my favourite things to draw, inspired multiple card designs was my go-to subject matter if I was in a rut or needed to get the drawing-ball rolling.  Osc was a champion relaxer and taught us all there is to learn about sleeping on the job (preferably on a shoulder or laptop).

There may be a little picture book collaboration in the pipeline that Osc has a staring roll in, so I doubt this will be the last we see of my Little Cow.



Little business reflect

I’ve just got back from a short but sweeeeet week in Thailand for Boxing Day and New Year after a hectic Christmas period of retail fairs, last minute Christmas orders and commissions.


Thailand Sketchbook

It was a perfect opportunity to slow down and reflect on what a whirlwind of a year 2016 was for my little business.


My #2016bestnine

I’m very grateful to have such a kind and creative network of stockists around the world that I supply to and an awesome, supportive bunch of sales agents around the UK.  I’m also lucky to have welcomed a full-time member of staff to the LMD team – my Dad! It was a big and intense interview process and Osc and I had our doubts, but his spreadsheets are more beautiful than my cards, so he’s here to stay!!

We’ve got 4 trade shows booked up for 2017, with Spring Fair fast approaching – gulp! Shows of any kind test my organisation skills and stress levels to their absolute max, as it doesn’t come naturally to me to plan in advance.  Watch this space.

Anyway, Happy New Year everybody! I hope it’s the best one yet!


Snippets from projects and events in December


Summer Round Up!

How is it already Autumn?  Autumn in Greetings Card Land means only one thing: CHRISTMAS! Just going to slot in a little product placement here……….


Christmas cards anyone???

But before I dwell too much on the C-word, I wanted to have a little reflect on the last few months.  Top Drawer happened.  It was probably my favourite show so far and it was also the launch of my new ‘Love London’ range.  The standard was incredible with really impressive, design-led displays.  As the last trade show of the year, I’m excited to start afresh with my own display at Spring Fair in Feb and have a bit of a rejig and shuffle around… Discovering the existence of portable, electric screwdrivers is a total game-changer!!  No more weird looks when I whip out my industrial monster of a drill with a flex the length of a hose.  I also went to a few summer retail fairs and festivals which are always really fun! (Especially if you’re surrounded by cake stalls).


Top Drawer, Olympia London.


Arundel Festival – featuring my best market-going pal Claire from Potter and Mooch.

I’ve slotted in a couple of commissions and personal projects in amongst the shows…  Either Brighton-themed, elephant-themed or Osc-themed, obvs.


Brighton finger painting (large acrylic canvas) and a personalised Christening gift.


A couple of pages from a hand-bound book of fwends I made my boyfriend to keep him company on his world tour.

Oh Oh and also I’ve had my first design for Phoenix Trading published in their Christmas 2016 range.  My Little Donkey design comes as a cutie little square.. 100mm x 100mm maybe? and is sold in packs of 8.  They’re doorbell!  I was excited as well to bump into the Temple Island gang at Top Drawer as well where they were launching a range of products I designed for them.  In fact I’m working on an awesome new project with them in the next couple of months but I think it’s a secret what I’m drawing.


Temple Island Collection, Illustrated map of Scotland and Phoenix Trading’s Little Donkey card.

Christmas-market-time-of-year is fast approaching with my first show being the wonderful Country Living Christmas Fair at The Design Centre in London in November as well as lots of lovely local markets too which I’ll put up on my events page.  See ya, weekends… who needs ’em?! I’m expanding into some other stationery products as well which have been highly requested… watch this space.  Spring Seasons designs are in full swing too and these will be shiny and new and available in November in case you’re a stockist and you’re super organised.


Sneak peak at some Spring Seasons-inspired illustrations.

And finally… I have recently reached 270 stockists in the UK which I’m rather chuffed about.  I have my first department store stockist… the beautiful Fenwick (and Bentalls, Kingston)!   And I’m about to do my first print run in a foreign language!  In fact, TWO foreign languages!!

K bye 🙂