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National Pet Day 2019

National Pet Day 2019

Now I may be a day late, but i wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to shout about my fur babies on National Pet Day. I feel like the luckiest person alive to be Mum to my cats, Charlie and Rosie (collectively known as The Bobs).

They came into my life two years ago when my impulsive boyfriend visited Hassocks pet shop, which always has about 30 cats wondering around the shop, and found two one-week-old kittens in a box in the back of the shop. He reserved them without a second thought, despite only being in the country a couple of months a year because of work, and so it was my luckiest of lucky days. We went and visited them most weeks until they were old enough to take home.

Ro and Char babies

They have a very privileged existence, living in the countryside with more moles and shrews and voles and pheasants than they could have dreamed of, and have been my most wonderful companions when I’ve worked from home. They come on walks with me around the fields (much to the confusion of passing dog walkers) and have inspired a few illustrations as well, of course. There is actually quite an exciting project to be announced soon that is all about our adored little night-monsters. Watch this space.


Cat Cuddles

I’ve grown up with cats my whole life, and I’ll particularly never forget Osc, my original studio cat and childhood friend, who we lost two years ago. He was as tame and docile as they come, and a wonderful little cow-coloured life-model.


Animals really are the greatest gift of all and how lucky are we that we get to share our homes them.

 Ro and Char