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Hi then! Well done for stumbling across my little corner of the interweb!  Amongst other things I’ve been attempting to get my life organised, and to document that process I thought I’d pop a little blog on my brand new website! I’ll try and keep my waffle concise and put in lots of photos to keep viewing-boredom to a minimum! By way of introduction, I’m Louise – (head drawer of fluffy idiots) and if you’re a stockist or supplier you’ll probably also have encountered my Accountant/Dad/Beautiful-Spreadsheet-Maker, Ian.  Osc, my wonky yin yang fluffball, will be making regular appearances too and Mum is head picker and packer and punning-extraordinaire. This whole fun thing really got going about 3 months ago at Spring Fair in Birmingham, where I met loads of great people.. other Publishers, Stockists, Agents and Licencencees. 

Since then I’ve had a big old stooodio refurb… who needs wall/floor space anyway!? 

First Studio

I’ve also had my first exporting experience, shipping out a big order to the beautiful, world-renouned stationary shop Ito-ya in Tokyo! It’s set across 6 floors and looks like paper-heaven.  


And with 7 shiny new Agents on board it’s been so so exciting to be packing up loads of new orders each week to lots of new stockists.  As a result, mine and my family’s new hobby has become picking and packing – if you don’t know what that means then either consider yourself lucky or come and get involved – coffee and biscuits are provided (sometimes wine if it’s after midday)!

In other neeeews, my debut collection of Craft Artist craft packages launched on the Daisy-trail website a couple of months ago and are available to download individually or as a group or to buy as a CD.  I’ve got my next 5 kits going live in about a month too if anyone fancies those! 

It’s been a busy time for commissions too including a couple of my favourites here.  The top painting is Brighton Pier and the bottom is St John’s Bridge in Cambridge.  I adore painting in this way.  Just using acrylics and my fingers on large canvases.  It’s really liberating and a nice change from my smaller more intricate illustrations!