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Passenger Record Artwork

Passenger Record Artwork

Mike’s new record is out in the world today and it’s a beauty.  It’s a particularly special one because 100% of the profits generated from streams and sales will go to SHELTER, an incredible homeless charity in the UK.  Homelessness in Brighton feels like an epidemic and I’m sure it’s the same across the rest of the country and SHELTER are at the forefront of the fight to end the housing crisis through campaigning, ground-breaking research and support for those struggling with bad housing and homelessness. You can learn more about the work SHELTER are doing by visiting their website https://england.shelter.org.uk/

I can’t wait to see what money is raised through the sales of this record, after his first charity record Whispers raised more than half a million pounds for UNICEF (and counting).  I’m so proud of Mike to have put so much time and effort into it, and for his generosity. 

Passenger Record Artwork

For the artwork… we weren’t completely sure we wouldn’t fall out over it haha, so started by me just doing a few thumbnails for concepts and ideas and if there was something there, we’d press on with the whole project! The final concept is super simple and suits the feel of the album perfectly, particularly Restless Wind which always makes me think of leaves blowing in the wind. Rosie also has her own illustration much to Char’s annoyance 🙂

Rosie Illustration

I always enjoy seeing the sketchbook and thumbnails of a creative project so I’ve including a few below.  I was originally thinking of something more landscapey; more of a scene to spread across the front and back cover, or even a sea/night sky/moony vibe, inspired by Track 9 Moon on the Water.  

I really do love the Autumnal leafy cat concept we agreed on in the end though. 

Passenger Sketchbook

Below are some of the final artworks and you can purchase the vinyl and CD versions from this link


Passenger Album Artwork