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Spring Fair round up!

PHEW!! Well that’s over… Busy old week in Birmingham and it’s lovely to be home in the snowy south.  Spring Fair is a 5 day long event at the NEC and it has 20 halls! It’s a giant and it is exhausting, but it was amazing to catch up with and get to know so many other publishers.  I had a little change around with my display this time to mark the beginning of my second year of business.  So some DIY-ing happened the week before the show making mounts, painting frames and waxing ledges.


Home-made mounts and hand-painted frames

Putting-up day was longer than anticipated but made all the more enjoyable as our neighbour had a very snazzy spirit-level gadget that was a lazer 😮 so my shelves went up straighter than in my wildest dreams.  I promise the colour of the wall was much prettier than it looks in these awful photos.  I have also learnt that you can never have too many lights.  Next time I will rock up with 45 lights per square metre 😀

set uppp


I’d released 22 new designs for the Spring Seasons and these made up lots of the orders that I took at the show which was fun! Mr baboon and Mrs Llama were the winners!


I had so many wonderful visitors to my stand, and enjoyed catching up with customers from all over the world.  With more than 40 orders taken last week it has been, and continues to be, a busy weekend of processing and packing.



Meetings in the morning vs meetings in the afternoon

As always, everyone outdid themselves on their displays! I love to see the variety and creativity at these events as everyone is so skilled at styling their own little world; it’s like walking along a street of lots of different shops.  I was lucky enough to be opposite Kate Guest who was not only amazing company (and produced the cutest toddler in the world), but she is nailing it in Card Land. Kate is a champion multi-tasker and got more designing done alongside order-taking and networking than I get done in a week in the studio on my own.

setting up copy

Lovely Kate