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World Elephant Day 2020 🐘

World Elephant Day 2020 🐘

Happy World Elephant Day 🐘

Mum and Baby Elephant illustration at Sunset

I love to celebrate this day each year as elephants are one of my greatest passions and have played a big role in my business journey and in my own development as an illustrator. I’ve been lucky enough to go to Africa twice in my life and both times I had unforgettable experiences with elephants. On my first trip I visited the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and was inspired to write and illustrate a picture book about a baby orphan elephant, Tibbo which was the first time I’d thought to paint animals at all.

My first visit to the SWT in Nairobi, Kenya

And years before this, when I was about 10, my Mum actually adopted an elephant for my birthday present for several years too. So a year ago when we were accepted as a corporate partner of the SWT, it was and is still now something I’m most proud of. Being able to give back in what feels like such a relevant and meaningful way, just by painting my silly animal characters and putting them onto cards (and people actually buying them) is a dream come true.

African Elephant

Our donations are dispersed amongst all the elephant orphans and the field projects that keep them safe, but we do actually have two elephants who we adopt specifically, Mteto and Roho. This painting is of little Roho who is just 18 months old.

Roho from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Thank you to everyone who supports my little business by following along or buying our cards. You’re helping to support the elephants too 🥰 

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust