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Petworth Sketchbook | Red Card

Petworth Sketchbook | Red Card

Just got back from such a happy weekend visiting one of stockists, Sally at Red Card in Petworth. Sally's been buying our cards for years and Petworth is so close to Brighton where I live, so there's really no excuse that this was our first visit.

Red Card stocks products from loads of small businesses like us; some of my favourite brands including Rosie Made a Thing, Rosanna Rossi, Chilly Bottles, Wendy Jones Blackett and Dandelion Stationery.

Red Card, Independent Shop in Petworth

The inside of Red Card, Petworth

Louise Mulgrew Tiger Greetings Card

The town is soooo quintessentially English with cobbled streets and Tudor style buildings and beautiful rows of independent shops amongst little cottage homes covered in hanging flower baskets and wisteria. It was almost like an non-wizarding Diagon Alley. 

Cute little buildings in Petworth

Petworth Sketchbook

We stayed at Sally's home just outside of Petworth and it was a countryside paradise. I found lots of beautiful spots to paint in my sketchbook and sharing my bedroom with four massive garden spiders was totally worth it for the views.

A weekend away from Brighton was exactly what I needed and I'm excited to gather together all my pictures and thumbnails into some illustrated postcards of Petworth for Sally to sell in her shop. 

Thanks for having us Sally 💛

Cottage Home in Petworth

Countryside Garden in Petworth

Portrait of Louise Painting amongst the sunflowers